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Numbers to reach the Department of Health regarding Coronavirus questions.

 For Health questions, please call 855-600-3453

Prompt #1 is for health-related questions

Prompt #2 is for those suspecting they may have Coronavirus with symptoms or exposure

Prompt #3 is for healthcare providers. This is for physicians asking questions about testing.

A community number for things like childcare concerns, meals, etc.

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San Diego Riverside Charter School's Mission

SDRCS is a K-8 charter school committed to strengthening and sustaining pride in the unique cultural identity of our students. As a community-based charter school, we encourage involvement of the entire community in developing a quality education for our students by connecting learning with community values and traditions. Through this commitment our students will be academically and socially prepared for high school.


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Message from the Principal:
Good morning, Students, Parents, and Families.
As you may know, Secretary of Education Ryan Stewart announced the closure of all NM schools for the remainder of the year.
This means several things for San Diego Riverside Charter School.
1)  SDRC will be working with PED to submit a Continuous Learning Plan which captures efforts of SDRC to provide equitable educational access for all students including those with special needs and other supports.

2)  SDRC will move to a PASS/NO CREDIT grading system for the remainder of the year.  No traditional grading will take place for the remainder of the year.

3)  While the Continuous Learning Plan cannot replicate instruction in the school environment, the purpose of the Plan is to keep students academically engaged and to keep students socially and emotionally connected to the school and their teachers

4)  SDRC school buildings may be closed but learning will still take place at home via learning activities prepared by teachers.  Please remember to pick up your assignments and/or return completed work when you pick up your Drop and Go Lunches or you can drop by the Office.

5)  SDRC will continue to provide food to the community through the Grab and Go Program though the remainder of the year.  

6)  While school teachers and staff may or may not be physically present at work, Secretary of Education Ryan Stewart made it very clear that "People are not being paid for not working."  The teachers and staff at SDRC will continue to meet as needed to plan, collaborate, and execute all educational services need to fulfill the Continuous Learning Plan until the end of our calendar year.

7)  8th Grade Graduation may need to be rescheduled later in the year, possibly as late as December.

We will be in constant contact with you during this time.  Do not hesitate to contact the school to ask questions.

The last thing I want to say is that EVERY student at our school is missed.  ALL of our faculty and staff extend our love and support to our students and their families!  Keep smiling!  Keep being safe!

John Rodarte

SDRC Principal

For Parents:

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Meet Our Principal 

John Rodarte is the new Principal at San Diego Riverside Charter School.  He brings 20 years of education excellence working with learning communities throughout New Mexico.  John has worked with Native American communities in Picuris, Rowe, and Albuquerque.  Additionally, John brings a demonstrated history of closing achievement gaps among at-promise student populations and driving school improvement initiatives.

John is a 1993 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and a member of the Fighting Irish.  He completed a Masters Degree in Education Leadership from the University of New Mexico in 2016.  Raised in Northern New Mexico, John is dedicated to the empowerment of youth and the preservation of traditional culture and communities through education.